Community Access Life skills Management (CALM)

Community Access Life skills Management (CALM) Program provides flexible supports to adults with developmental disabilities who live independently (and do not require personal care) and may require three to ten hours per week of support.

SASS is committed to providing ongoing supports for the individuals we serve, at every stage of life.

Supports may include but are not limited to:

  • Community Access
  • Education/Employment Supports
  • Housing Location Assistance
  • Accompanying Individuals to appointments (upon request)
  • Support if/when attending court
  • Support finding recreation, volunteer and community activities.


Peer Friendship Program (PFP)

The Peer Friendship Program (PFP) aims to provide outreach supports for persons living with a disability (and do not require personal care) starting at the age of 16 through  FSCD/PDD Family Managed Services .

Individuals Participating in the PFP can expect to:

  • Learn their chosen activity: Bowling, Artworks etc.
  • Meet new people
  • Create meaningful friendships
  • Develop and practice social skills
  • Build a social circle